For over twenty (20) years, developing state-of-the-art, master planned commercial properties has been the core focus of our Founder, Steven Bradford.  Ascendant Commercial delivers all aspects of the development management process, from land acquisition and design, to construction and project management, and ultimately leasing and property management oversight.  A successful development always begins with deep market knowledge, which includes:  the demands of the customer, the economics of competition, and the expectations of institutional investors.  Expertise in both intelligent design and development best practices enables Ascendant Commercial to provide our clients with best-in-class commercial properties that speak to the operational and economic demands of the customer and our Alliance Partners.  Ascendant Commercial is committed to highest and best-use land utilization, while mitigating environmental impact.  Our goal is to create commercial properties of the highest quality that maximize productivity for the customer, by utilizing value engineering combined with proven construction means and methods.  Ascendant Commercial delivers each project "on schedule" and "on budget".

Ascendant Commercial delivers superior development experience and knowledge to your every commercial development project.